To obtain a credit account with Acme Truck Brake & Supply Company please complete the following forms and remit to our office in person, by mail, email (scan & email), or by fax (847-439-0352).


We value your business and appreciate your request for an open account with us. Following the guidelines below will ensure the application is filled out correctly, thus avoiding delays in processing. Please be aware that incomplete applications cannot be processed and will be returned to applicant for completion. Please contact our Accounts Receivable Department with any questions or for assistance in completing the application.

Also, please allow few weeks for processing and be aware that sending in a credit application does not automatically open an account.

CREDIT APPLICATION:   The credit application must be completed in its entirety, along with the signature of an officer of your company.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE:  The designated individual whom personally guarantees the prompt payment of any sums owed to Acme Truck Brake & Supply Co. on this account.

BANK REFERENCE: Provide banking information for your company.

EXEMPTION FORMS:   If your company is tax exempt, ICC or Resale, these forms (CRT-61 or RUT-7) must be completed and a copy of your certificate on file in order for your company not to be charged tax.

STATEMENTS: Statements are normally sent on the 1st of the month. Please provide an email address or  fax number in order to ensure that you receive your statement. If you do not have either on file, we will mail a copy of your statement to you at the address you provide.

TERMS: Our terms for payment are net 10th.  This means that anything that is purchased in the month is due the following month on the 10th (i.e. May invoices are due June 10th).  We reserve the right to put an account on hold at anytime that we feel payment is falling behind.

Thank you for following these guidelines. If there are any questions, please feel to contact our Accounts Receivable department.


Certificate of Resale (Form CRT-61)

Rolling Stock Certificate (Form RUT-7)


609 Refrigerant Authorization A SECTION 609 TECHNICIAL CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED TO PURCHASE CYLINDERS OF REFRIGERANT. Please attach a copy of your technician certificate & fill out this form.

Employment Application